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  • The US And The Church Are On Fire!

    The US And The Church Are On Fire! Many have already heard about the attempted assassination of former PresidentTrump. Add to that so many problems and serious challenges in the UnitedStates. To top that off there has also been the ongoing uncovering of sinin church leadership. God’s judgement and correction has come to the churchand…

  • Judgement Has Come To The Church

    Judgement Has Come To The Church In this time and age when there is so much going on in the world that can be of great concern, the Lord is also bringing judgement on the church. See how and what you can do in these times of trouble in your own church.

  • Teaching On The Tribulation And The Anti-Christ

    The Purpose Of The Tribulation And Comparisons Between Christ And The Anti-Christ This teaching will show scripturally from our guest speaker Rudolph T.: 1) The Purpose Of The Tribulation 2) The Comparison Between Jesus Christ and the Anti-Christ

  • Focus On Jesus, Not The Storm

    Storms come and storms go in our life. Find out how to navigate successfully with peace, hope and rest through any situation you face. Here is another video that is inspiring to help you navigate through your situation Here is a song you may like to hear. I always play this when I am going…

  • Happy Father’s Day

    I want to wish all the Father’s Happy Father’s Day! I hope you are honored and loved for one of the most important roles in the family unit.

  • Stand In The Gap

    PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY Everyone please take a few minutes out of your day to listen to this video. Many brave people have been standing up for us for the last couple of years. They have been a voice of warning and they take action to fight for our country. These same…

  • What Is All The Talk About The Red Heifer

    The red heifer is significant to the Jewish people in Israel as they do not believe that Jesus was the Messiah. They are still waiting for His arrival and the red heifers play a significant role in helping to usher in the building of the 3rd final Temple for the return of Messiah. They rely…

  • Faith Is Trusting God Even When You Don’t Understand His Plan

  • Reminder: Join Us In Prayer & Fasting 01/02 thru 01/07 2024

    Please join us all in a time of Prayer and Fasting from Jan 2nd thru Jan 7th. This is one of the most critical times in human history. We as Christians are being called to stand in the gap. IF YOU LOVE WHAT YOU HAVE FIGHT FOR IT! 1) The World is on fire! Let…

  • What Is Your Destiny?

    Everyone desires to plan and know what their destiny is in life. We all have goals, dreams and visions about what our future will look like. But did you know that if you partner with God to find out what He has planned for you there will be no greater fulfillment in life. We have…