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  • What Is Your Destiny?

    Everyone desires to plan and know what their destiny is in life. We all have goals, dreams and visions about what our future will look like. But did you know that if you partner with God to find out what He has planned for you there will be no greater fulfillment in life. We have…

  • A Glorious Birth For unto us a child was born to die and defeat death. He was and is the full expression of the Father’s Love. He is the Greatest Gift Ever To Mankind.

  • Finding True Wisdom: A Revelation Many Christians Don’t See

    Wisdom is a treasure to find. The Scriptures exemplify it’s worth for those who find it. You can find nuggets of wisdom when we explore the people and situations throughout the Bible. But there is one book in particular that we gravitate to when desiring to know more about God’s wisdom and that is the…

  • The Gift Of Repentance

    Did you know that repentance can be a gift? I know it sounds funny but it is true. Our whole walk with God started when we repented and asked God to forgive our sins. And with that we were reconciled back to God the Father through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As we…

  • Faith Quote For The Day

    Faith is trusting God even when you don’t understand His plan.

  • Put Jesus First In Your Life