We Are All In Transition

I think you will find this article helpful from Lance Wallnau.

We are all in a transition at multiple times in our lives. “Transition” is a process or phase and change is an event that occurs. For example: “You get born again in a moment, but are in transition as you get your thoughts in line with God’s. You get married in a moment, you spend years in transition becoming the best husband or wife.”

Have you ever thought about the fact that before you even enter your transition fully that you should possibly fight a spiritual battle?

Before we occupy, the enemy knows where you are headed and wants to thwart you from God’s plan. Think about the transition Jesus was in when He entered the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. He had been staying hidden, growing up like a normal boy and then man. He was in the temple learning the scriptures and staying in close contact to the Father in Heaven.

Then He was lead into the desert to be tempted by the Devil. The Devil knew God’s plan and wanted to tempt Jesus to sin and fall away from the Father and the great plan God had for mankind. But Jesus fought the Devil with scripture for Satan knew that Jesus was going to “transition” from a regular life into a life of miracles and revelation, transitioning people from the Old Testament ways to the New Testament by trusting in Jesus Christ for His sacrifice on the cross and glorious resurrection.

So the Devil’s plan was to stop Him before Jesus “transitioned” to this new phase. But Jesus won the spiritual battle in the desert prior to the victory on the cross.

Also note that “You can judge your upcoming promotion by the size of the opposition that tries to stop you.”

“You don’t win in the Roman arena, you win before you get to the arena, Lesson? You don’t bind the strong man when you show up in his territory; you bind the strong man before you get there.

Check out Lance Wallnau’s full article on this subject: https://lancewallnau.com/the-truth-about-transition/

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